Peter Varhol

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Peter Varhol is a technologist, speaker, and writer living in the greater Boston area.  He has been involved in technology since the mid-1980s, working as a research scientist, software developer and tester, technology journalist, university professor, product manager, and technology evangelist.  He does technical marketing for computer software and hardware, writing, speaking, technical sales, and consulting for commercial software companies and enterprises.

He is also a fiction novelist, author of On Deadline in 2001 and Dead Code in 2014.  You can read excerpts from both here.

Peter is an accomplished technology speaker, and presents twelve to fifteen times a year at technology conferences and user groups.  His talks range from software development to testing to application lifecycle topics, and his audiences range from the line professionals to C-level executives.

He writes extensively on software and technology topics. As a technology journalist and thought leader, he has authored hundreds of articles, white papers, and blog posts on software development, testing, and related topics.

You can find his blog, Cutting Edge Computing, here.

Peter lives in New Hampshire, and travels frequently across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Peter Varhol in Bilbao, Spain

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